An overview of the ketogenic diet

I put ‘diet’ in the title, mainly as it’s shorter, but the longer I spend eating like this I wouldn’t class it as a diet as such. In the past I’ve restricted calories to drop a few pounds for an upcoming trip. It worked, but I didn’t enjoy it.

Since I’ve started this, I lost around 7 pounds and I’m currently the lightest I’ve been in a while. I’m rarely hungry and I’m eating ‘nice’ food which involves predominately meat, cheese, eggs and vegetables. I also notice because of this, I’m cooking more and not relying on pre packaged foods.

As far as how I feel, despite losing weight, I still feel strong. My fingerboarding is improving each session, I’m doing sprint sessions once or twice a week and I’ve also started doing a few weight or gymnastic ring workouts for some variety.

If you want to read more on how it all works, then have a read of this article. It explains in details why it works and why traditional restriction of calories and exercise is not always the best way to go.


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